Eat Real Food,
Live a Rad Life

A protein bar experience done differently. Packed with adaptogenic mushrooms, plant based protein, and superfoods, Fringe Bars are designed to fuel your adventure and keep you charging! #lifeonthefringe #findyourfringe

Fringe Protein Bar - Chocolate Almond Butter and Mango Hemp
Fringe Protein Bar - Solo Surfer
Fringe Protein Bar - Yellow Graphic Art

An area, far outside of the mainstream, where true adventure lies.

To be radically unconventional, ambitious, and unique. A contagious state of positivity and motivation.

Functional Food, Epic Taste

At Fringe, we are on a mission to redefine what packaged food should be. Clean real food ingredients, none of the hidden junk, and wrapped in good vibes. Each delicious bite will have you frothing for more.

Strengthen the Connection Between Mind and Body

Fringe Bars are made with adaptogenic and superfood ingredients including functional mushrooms, ashwagandha, raw cacao, and others. All sourced at the highest quality to deliver functional nutrition and help you live in flow.


As someone who is passionate about holistic health and wellness, as well as living an active lifestyle, I prioritize what I put into my body. Years of searching for the best source of convenient nutrition, left me dissatisfied with the “healthy bars” on the market. All the while, an ongoing struggle with chronic back pain kept me from doing the things I love, and drove me to take matters into my own hands. So I began making my own bars… Read More