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Adaptogens are certain plants and fungi (mushrooms) with properties that can help the body mitigate and adapt to stress. They have an amazing normalizing effect on the body, helping to restore balance. This occurs at the physical level, through the reduction of inflammation, improved digestion, and strengthened immune system. This balance can also occur at the mental level through the improvement of focus, aiding in memory, and increase in mental stamina. Adaptogens are true mind-body foods.

Fringe bars do contain nuts. We include various nuts, seeds, and nut butters as a nutritious source of protein and healthy fats.
Currently, our bars include the following nuts, tree nuts, and seeds:
Chocolate Almond Butter: Almonds, Coconut (oil), Chia Seeds.
Coconut Cashew: Cashews, Coconut (oil & flakes), Chia Seeds.
Mango Hemp: Cashews, Coconut (oil), Hemp Seeds.

Yes! Fringe bars are made with 100% gluten free ingredients.

Yes! Fringe bars are all fully plant based. They are friendly for any vegan or vegetarian diet.

Fringe bars do not contain peanuts and they are manufactured in a facility that is 100% peanut free. We are very happy to provide a safe product for those with peanut allergies.

Nope! All of our ingredients are heavy metal tested and approved.

Fringe bars have a shelf life of eight months from the date of manufacture.

The only ingredient we use to sweeten our bars are dates. Dates are a naturally sweet and nutritious whole food ingredient that also has a low glycemic index. We do not add any other sugars or sweeteners, thus, Fringe bars have 0 grams of added sugar.

Fringe bars do not need to be refrigerated, they are shelf stable at room temperature. Although, we do not recommend storing them in overly warm environments.

Fringe bars contain only high quality natural ingredients that are extremely nutritious and safe. Although, please consult a medical professional with any questions or concerns prior to consuming.

Absolutely! Fringe bars are made with raw whole food ingredients, making them a nutritious and delicious snack for kids.

Functional mushrooms are completely safe to consume with no real known side effects. Not only are they extremely safe, they are known to provide an abundance of amazing health benefits and adaptogenic properties. These include strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, improving gut health, increasing stamina, aiding in focus, and more. If you have any concerns, please consult a medical professional prior to consuming.

We use the highest quality and one of the most absorbable forms of functional mushrooms in Fringe bars. All of our mushrooms used are a 100% pure and organic powder extracted through the dual-extraction method.


We currently do not ship internationally. We only ship within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders of $50.00 or more.

Yes, we do ship to Hawaii. We charge a flat shipping rate of $15.00 for all orders under $50.00 going to Hawaii. All orders of $50.00 or more recieve free shipping.

The estimated delivery time after placing an order is 2-5 business days. We work very closely with our fulfillment team to ensure the quickest possible delivery to you. This is subject to change or increase during busy holiday periods, sales, or unforeseen external events.

All of our products ship out of Sinking Spring, PA.


We cannot guarantee the ability to change or cancel an order after it is placed, as our order fulfillment process works very quickly. Although, if we are able to catch an order before it is processed, we generally can make a shipping address change. Please double check all entered information for accuracy before submitting your order. If you do have an issue or error, please shoot us an email at right away. We are happy to help!

We handle all returns and refunds on a case by case basis. Because of the nature of our product, we are very rarely able to re-use or re-sell product that has aready been shipped out. So in most cases, orders and shipments are final. Depending on the circumstance and condition of the goods, we will provide instructions on how to proceed. If we make any type of mistake on our end, we will always make it right!

If you received an incorrect order or a damaged package and product, please email us right away at

When you use our subscription ordering service you receive a discounted price for all orders, free shipping, and will be the first to know about other offers, sales, and exciting news. Not to mention, you will never have to worry about staying stocked up on Fringe bars.

We make it extremely easy to access and adjust your subscription, at any time. Through your Finge account you can very simply increase or decrease quantities, add products, adjust your order frequency, pause your subscription, or cancel your subscription.

We would love to get you all set up! You click here (link to Wholesale page) to fill out and submit a wholesale account request. We will review your submission and get you all set to log-in and order. Also, feel free to email us at with any questions.


Fringe Food Co. is based out of Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Fringe was founded by Hunter Schaeffer in March of 2022.

Absolutely! At Fringe we are committed to sustainability and preserving our natural environment. Especially the coastal ecosystems where we surf and play. To make an impact we are partnered with 1% For the Planet and have made the pledge to donate at least 1% of our annual revenue to environmental non-profits. We choose to support and donate to Save the Waves Coalition, whose work in protecting marine ecosystems around the globe is groundbreaking.

For general questions, inquiries, and information, click here to submit your message. Or simply send us an email at

Each and every Fringe bar is made with extreme care at our co-manufacturer facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We work very closely with the skilled production team to ensure top quality, consistency, and deliciousness.

Let's chat! Shoot us an email at or hit us up on instagram - @fringefoodco