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Variety Pack
Kevan Doyle

Bars taste really good, my friends love them too!

New favorite bars

SO GOOD. I'm embarrassed by how quickly we ate through this box! Glad we got the variety pack so we could try the range, but I think we ended up loving them all equally. Will absolutely buy again.


The coconut cashew bar is sooo tasty. I love it with some coffee in the morning. 😉
The packaging is awesome as well - love the sticker for my water bottle! Well done.

Variety Pack
Linda Smith
Found My Fringe

Chocolate was our fav. But all are equally satisfying. Hunger is satiated!!
They travel well with no melting & I love the wrapper!

Variety Pack
Not bad,not bad at all.

We purchased 2 boxes as my gf is friends with the folks starting this up and we thought we would help by purchasing their product.(Hi Shanny) And yea, they're good kids.
I gotta say they have done their homework here as the bars aren't bad at all. The texture,the taste l, everything is just decent here.So much better then any other bars I have ever tried. The ingredients are awesome. As for a pick me up? I'm not sure that's possible for me. But we'll see.
So good job guys.

Variety Pack
Katti Carpenter

Variety Pack

Great Bars!

Really enjoy these bars. Perfect go to when you need something quick throughout the day. Nice clean taste. Excited to try some of the other flavors.

Best Healthy Protein Bars

Its clear when they thought about the recipe they put a lot of time into the actual healthiness of the bars. Its a protein bar with no seed oils, no added sugars; only real natural ingredients. AND IT TASTE GREAT! 10/10 love these bars

Variety Pack
John Curling

Tastes good, nice and dense

The protein bar I have been looking for

I love protein bars. I love date and nut bites. This is in my opinion the best protein bar on the market. The macros and ingredients are amazing. The texture is nice a doughy, no chalky protein powder detectable. It is not too sweet, just right. The chocolate chunks add a nice touch. I love the adaptogens in it too! You won't even taste them.

Mango Hemp
Not like other bars

Really into what Fringe stands for and they taste great too. Will definitely be subscribing.

Delicious + healthy!

Looking for a healthy protein bar that tastes like a treat? Look no further! These bars are not only delicious but also packed with clean ingredients that keep you feeling full. Plus, their subscription service ensures that you always have your favorite snack on hand when you need it most. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed! — Mara

WOW! These protein bars are next level.

What I love about them is that they taste like a treat, but they're actually good for you and keep you full for hours. I even signed up for their subscription service, and it's been amazing. I never run out of my favorite snack because they show up right on my doorstep!

Excellent for extended periods outdoors!

Fringe bars are an excellent choice for those spending extended periods outdoors and in need of a quick, filling snack. With a variety of flavors to choose from, these protein bars are the perfect go-to snack for sustained energy and nutrition on the go.

Variety Pack
Sarah L
My New "Go-To" Bar

These Fringe bars are fantastic. They have clean ingredients, taste great [no chalkiness], and boost focus during the mid-afternoon slump. I’m excited for these to become my new “go-to” bars – especially the mango hemp.

Coconut Cashew
Chris Taylor
Protein Bar that gets it

I was introduced to Fringe through a friend and man am I thankful for him for showing me the way. These bars are no nonsense, healthy, and tasty too. I will be coming back for more soon!

Coconut Cashew
Scott Steffy

These bars are delicious and fill me up during my busy work week. I would highly recommend to any on the go warriors!

Amazing REAL tasting bar for when you're craving something a little sweet but want to keep it healthy!

so yum!

First bite in and I knew these would be my new favorite protein bars!

Mango Hemp
“Best Aunt”
Best gift ever

I got these for my niece since she is gluten free, eats healthy and always active. She tells me I’m the best aunt and now wants more bars to share with her friends.

Just what I was looking for!

I found my new “go to” bar! I was hesitant to try Fringe bars because I don’t care for mushrooms but I LOVE THESE BARS :) My next order is the Variety Pack…I want to try them all!

Chocolate Almond Butter
Hannah Schaeffer
So good

These are so good. I love the cacao chips in these bars.. they're fudgy and creamy and adds a nice texture

Fringe Fuel

Fringe Bars are simply sensational! Not only do they taste delicious, but they are healthy and made with real ingredients that you can understand. Nothing hidden in these bars! My favorite flavor is the Coconut Cashew - it is such a wonderfully unique flavor that you will not find in any other bar! The adaptogens and functional mushrooms introduced in Fringe Bars really set them apart from the rest. Fringe Bars are my go-to snack to fuel my mind and body before or after a training session.

Mango Hemp
My new favorite bar

Like many others, I wake up early and need a pick-me-up around 10am that is filling, healthy, and gives me energy. The Mango Hemp bar is my new go-to bar as it's healthy, tastes great, the perfect size, and has many cognitive enhancers (like the nootropics in it) that give me great clarity and energy throughout the day. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a small breakfast bar and/or a healthy snack replacement.


All three flavors are great, but this is my favorite, especially when my sweet tooth kicks in. The chocolate taste is unique compared to other bars out there - the raw cacao is rich and doesn't taste artificially sweetened. 10/10!!